female escorts in Bangalore Sex is a very important topic to discuss, but in India, no one wants a discussion about this very important topic. A survey was conducted by a reputed magazine and it was very surprising that more than 50% of relationship breakdown was because of dissatisfaction in the bed. If your partner is not happy with you in bed, he or she may indulge with someone just to have satisfaction. There may be a possibility that he or she opts for some paid companionship or so-called escort services. There are several options for these unsatisfied couples in the market in the form of male/female escorts in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Noida. So, if we want to avoid this situation, we should always try our best to make our sex life very passionate and intimate.

Here are a few tips by following them you can make your encounter radically passionate and intimate.

Never hesitate in foreplay and after-play activities.

Never ignore the feminine/masculine parts of your partner.

Kissing the whole body of your partner seems very romantic so you must try it.

Body-to-body massage is very helpful for an intimate encounter so you should try it once a week or a month accordingly.

Using sex toys seems awkward, but you will find them very helpful in making encounters very intimate.

These are some basic tips for you so that you never have to face any situation of breakdown in any relationship. So, never hesitate to make an experiment to keep your sexual life spicy and happy.

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